Daniel Cormier Chooses Victor in Jones vs Gustafsson 2 Fight

Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson are having the rematch that UFC fans and fighters have been wanting to see for more than 5 years now. Jones bested Gustafsson in a five-round brawl where Gustafsson was the first fighter to ever knock Jones down in a UFC fight. Jones came back after being knocked down and took it to Gustafsson and ended up out landing Gustafsson 137-114 to secure the fight in a unanimous decision. The UFC light heavyweight title is up for grabs during their fight that is happening at the T-Mobile Arena on December 29th.

Daniel Cormier Chooses Victor

Daniel Cormier currently holds the UFC light heavyweight belt but he is being stripped of his title due to the fact that he is going to be defending his UFC heavyweight title against Derrick Lewis at UFC 230. Cormier was disappointed that UFC had decided to strip him of the title ahead of UFC 232 but he understands why UFC had to do it.

“Initially, I was very disappointed they were going to give [Jones] the title fight because I really didn’t do anything wrong to get stripped,” Cormier told FloCombat.

“But I understand the organization has to move forward. The reality is I was OK with the decision a little bit more due to the fact that whoever wins the fight if I decide to go back to 205 [pounds], I’m guaranteed the title fight.” Cormier said.

The winner of the Jones vs Gustafsson fight may end up fighting Cormier as their next match. That would be a fight that the entire MMA world would be thrilled to see. Jones has defeated Cormier twice at UFC 182 back in 2015, and the second in July 2017 at UFC 214. The second fight was ruled a “no-contest” after Jones tested positive for a banned substance after the fight. Cormier will be looking to avenge his two losses to Jones in a rematch to try and win the light heavyweight title. Jones is the only person who has defeated Cormier in his heavyweight career so he is hoping that Jones will end up being the victor in Jones vs Gustafsson 2.

“I think Jones wins the fight. I have never once shied away from the fact that he’s a fantastic fighter. He is a really talented guy. He obviously can go with me, keep up with me, he has obviously put in a lot of hard work, so, he must be a hard worker in that sense,” Cormier said.

“I know that Alex, for as good as he is, too, Alex struggles in the big moments. This is a really, really big moment and he is going to have to fight to his level or above his level to try and win.”

Jones is the favorite for UFC 232 and it looks like that is not going to change anytime soon before the fight. Gustafsson will be looking to repeat 2013’s match and surprise everyone that is watching and take Jones to the edge once again. Gustafsson’s size and fighting style matches up very well with Jones and there is a good chance that Gustafsson will upset Jones and win his first UFC title. Jones’s record is a testament to how good of a fighter he is, he is arguably the best light heavyweight fighter in UFC history and Gustafsson will have to upset him in order to win his first title.

UFC fans will not want to miss out on Jones vs Gustafsson 2. The first fight is known as one of the greatest light heavyweight fights of all time and fans will not want to miss out on seeing another great match live. Make sure that you tune in on December 29th at 10 PM EST; this is a fight that you will regret missing.

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