UFC 232: Jones vs Gustafsson 2 Odds

Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson are rematching after they had one of the greatest light heavyweight battles of all time back in September of 2013. Fans have been waiting for more than 5 years for these two great fighters to get back into the octagon together. There was a scheduled rematch in September of 2014 but Gustafsson tore his right meniscus and lateral collateral ligament which caused him to withdraw from the fight. After 2014, Jones had suspensions from his hit and run incident and a positive banned substance test in July of 2017 which pushed the fight back even further. UFC 232 is scheduled for December 29th in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena. The fight is expected to kick off at 10 PM EST.

The winner of the fight will have more than bragging rights as the UFC light heavyweight title is up for grabs. Daniel Cormier currently has the title but he is being stripped of it due to the fact that he is busy defending his UFC heavyweight title. Jones is going to have his first fight in more than 17 months which a lot of experts are worried because he could be rusty. The odds are in favor of Jones currently at -275 favorite for this fight with the challenger, Gustafsson, coming back at +215.

Odds Analysis

During Jones and Gustafsson’s last fight in September 2013, the odds were a lot more heavily stacked in Jones’s favor. Jones was a favorite at -800, while Gustafsson was an underdog at +550. The first fight was an incredibly close match where Gustafsson was the first fighter in UFC history to take down Jones. Many experts thought that Gustafsson won the classic 2013 brawl but the judges gave Jones a unanimous win.

A lot of experts will harp on the fact that Jones tested positive in his last UFC bout with Daniel Cormier, but the anti-doping agency that tested Jones found that Jones did not intentionally take the substance. This is a great win for Jones because he was not using the banned substance to gain an edge over Cormier. Other experts are concerned about Jones’s long layoff since his last fight but the former title holder has shown before that a long layoff is not a problem and that he can win after not fighting for more than a year. Jones is still one of the greatest fighters that the UFC has ever seen and he will most likely be the victor at the end of the night on December 29th. The odds are definitely right for UFC 232 and I would not be surprised if the line went more in Jones’s favor by the time the fight kicks off.

Breaking Down Jones vs Gustafsson 2

Jones is one of the best fighters in UFC where he combines his incredible fight IQ with great wrestling that creates a deadly combination. Jones has never lost a fight in the ring with his 22-1-1 record and his only loss came from a disqualification from an illegal elbow. The other blemish on his record is from when he failed a drug test after knocking out Cormier in the octagon. Jones has shown that he can go toe to toe with any fighter and that he can last through any challenge like his last fight with Gustafsson.

Gustafsson is a great fighter who has worked on his fitness and cardio to ensure that he is ready for any fight. Gustafsson has four losses in his career, all against incredible UFC fighters where the fight could have gone either way. Gustafsson will be looking to avenge his loss against Jones and win his first ever UFC title. Gustafsson will not give up easily in the fight and could takedown Jones at any time during the battle. Gustafsson has not fought since May of 2017 when he knocked out Glover Teixeira and that has also brought up questions of whether he will be ready to take on Jones after such a long time out of the octagon. Gustafsson’s injuries are also a large concern for his camp and he will be doing his best to stay healthy before UFC 232.

Fans and experts will be excited to see all the improvements that each fighter has made over the past 5 years since they first met. Jones claimed that he did not train at all for the first meeting between the pair and that is why Gustafsson was able to challenge Jones. Make sure that you get your bets in early so you can take advantage of the current odds. The entire MMA and UFC world will be watching on December 29th so make sure that you tune in!

Who do you think will end up taking home the light heavyweight title? Let us know in the comments!

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